Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Dra. Daniela Miranda R.

Dr. Respiratory Therapy specialized in Rhinosinupatias

Code CTCR-195



Academic profile:

Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy, Santa Paula University

Specialization Course in Rinosinupatías, Panama 2014- 2015

Training in Sleep Apnea Diagnoses


Work experience:

Trained in Diagnosis and Treatment for Sleep Apnea.


CCSS San Carlos Hospital since 2015 in the Respiratory Therapy Service


Graduated from Santa Paula University in 2015

Incorporated to the school of therapists in 2015


Respiratory Therapist specialist in Rhinosinupatias,

Clinica Sta Monica since 2014


Respiratory Therapist in:

  • Sleep Laboratory Sleep Med CR since 2015

  • CCSS, Hospital San Carlos, since 2015

  • Laboraratorio del Sueño since 2016

Provides specialized respiratory therapy in:


  • Sinusitis

  • Allergic rhinitis

  • Chronic Nasal Congestion

  • Allergic asthma (management and control)

  • Bronchiolitis

  • Bronchopneumonia

  • Poor handling of secretions

  • COPD

  • Spray therapy (Nebulizations)

  • Attention in children and Adults

It offers therapeutic treatments in:

  • Sleep apnea

  • Diagnostic polysomnography

  • Cardiorespiratory polygraphy at home

  • Titration and calibration of Positive Pressure (PAP and BIPAP)

  • Nighttime Oximetry