Languaje Therapy

Languaje Therapy

Dra.  Adriana Gabriela  Rojas Valerio

Degree in Language Therapy



Academic profile:

Degree in Language Therapy Universidad Internacional San Isidro Labrador. 2014

Myofunctional Therapy Course. Santa Paula University 2013



He has more than 4 years of experience in his field, starting from the period of 2013


We offer therapies to:

Pronunciation problems


 Speech fluency disorders.


 Facial muscle dystrophies.


 Physiological abnormalities in the phono articulator device.


 Voice problems as you have constants and tone alterations.


Lessons writing problems, such as Dyslexia, among others.


Stimulation in literacy, so that they initiate the process properly.


 Difficulty in stomatognathic functions, such as sucking, chewing, breathing or swallowing.


Disorders of receptive or expressive language. Receptive disorders have to do with difficulties in understanding or processing language. Expressive disorders include difficulties in combining words, limited vocabulary, or the inability to use language in a socially appropriate manner such as aphasias.


Degenerative diseases and Generalized developmental disorders (Asperger, autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mental retardation ...)