Our Services

Clinic Laboratory

In charge of Dr. Alejandro Vargas.

code 1251


Graduate of the UCR Doctor in Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry

year 2012

15 years of experience



We offer you the services of:


Liver profile

Renal profile

Lipid profile

Stool examination

Urine test

Tumor markers

Glucose test

Blood group analysis

Among others.

The best doctors for the best care

Dr. Virginia Romero A.

General Doctor

Creator  and director of

Santa Monica Clinic

Dr. Esteban Jiménez A.

General Doctor

Biomechanical studies services

Get better performance, prevent injuries and get your sporting gesture. We offer 3D foot scanning, virtual design and plantar orthosis.


With our services you can reeducate, correct the posture, and your movements to avoid injuries and improve the derived pains. Also doing a biomechanical study you can avoid problems like tendinitis, fasciitis, stress fractures, találgias, capsulitis, arthritis or sprains.