Dr. Luis Ángel Picado Carvajal

Doctor and Surgeon

Sub specialty in Aesthetic Medicine


Language: Spanish, English and intermediate Portuguese



Academic profile:

Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) - Havana, Cuba


Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine: Aesthetic Medicine


Pan American Institute of Scientific Professionals / UNAM - Mexico City


Certified by the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Mexican Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

UIME School Mexico


Bachelor of Science: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

University of Costa Rica - San Jose, Costa Rica


Course of Orientation and Induction to the Worker

Pan-American Institute of Scientific Professionals - Mexico City, Mexico



Procedures offered:


Facial Treatments:

- Botulinum toxin (Botox)

- Face face with hyaluronic acid (Lips, dark circles, cheekbones, nose profile, nasolabial grooves, wrinkles around the mouth.

- Collagen inducer pencil (Dermapem)

- Facial massage and rejuvenator

- Depigmenting treatment (Facial spots)

- Deep facial cleaning

- Anti-Acne Treatment

- Surface, medium and deep medical grade chemical peeling

- Plamel rich plate (Prp), Vampire Lift

- Facial intradermotherapy

- Elimination of moles, warts, ruby ​​nevus, lax fibroids, etc.

- Non-surgical facial liposuction with facial support threads and tension threads from Pdo

- Bichectomy (Elimination of cheeks)

- Elimination of double chin


 Body treatments:

- Reduction of chemical lipolysis measurements ultrasonic


- Body Transdermotherapy

- Treatment for aged hands

- Hydrosis treatment (Excessive sweating)

- Treatment for axillary and neck spots

- Anti-Cellulite Treatment

- Anti-Stretch Marks Treatment

- Excresis of warts, soft fibroids and body moles

- Relaxing massages


Hair treatments:

- Anti-hair loss treatment

- Alopecia treatment

- Anti-dandruff treatment

- Finishing hair with platelet-rich plasma


Treatments of feminine intimate aesthetics:

- Genital and anal whitening

- Treatment of genital warts by the Vph.

- Rap vaginal rejuvenation

- Filling with hyaluronic acid from the labia majora


Treatments of masculine intimate aesthetics:

- Treatment of pearly papules of the glans.

- Treatment of genital warts by the Vph.

- Treatment of short frenulum (Frenuloplasty)

- Treatment of Peyronie's disease (Curved Penis)

- Premature ejaculation treatment

- Erectile dysfunction treatment

- Genital and anal whitening

- Scrotox (Botox in the scrotal bag)

- Treatment of sebaceous cysts in the testicles

- Minilipo pubis

- Engineation of penis with lipotransference


Podiatry Treatment:

- Foot treatment on nails and interdigitals

- Fingernail treatment


 Medical Spa:

- Relaxing massages

- Decontracting Massage

- Massages on Hands and Feet

- Massages with Bamboo Technique

- Massages with Hot Stones